Linda Dever Arts | Pet Portraits
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Pet Portraits

"Linda Dever has been creating lasting memories for many pet owners for the last 6 years . She takes a full bodied sharp and clear photo that you send to her. Then you can choose from several backgrounds such as: the Sea, Mountains , Gardens. Or you may elect an original scene or even a SLIDE SHOW of many shots of your pet on a DVD. Your picture will be sent to you in a timely fashion depending on what you decide. All work can be done through the computer on line or by mail. You can elect to have a meeting in person if you live within an hour of the artist.

All work is guaranteed . We work with you until you are satisfied. There is nothing more satisfying then to see your pet, even the ones that have left us in a magnificent setting to honor that special place that they occupy in our lives and hearts.

Just e -mail your request to Linda and let's put your best friend in a place that they deserve hanging on our wall or on a DVD that we can share with friends. Slide shows of your pets or family are available for a reasonable fee. Please call 415-308-1464 or e-mail her."